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100% PURE NATURAL VITAMIN E(d-alpha tocopherol) (1 oz. Glass Jar)

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PURE NATURAL VITAMIN E(d-alpha tocopherol) is absorbed much better by the body than synthetic vitamin E(dl-alpha tocopherol), in fact the body only absorbs a small portion of synthetic vitamin E. Our 100% Pure Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it removes toxins in the skin that cause skin discoloration(dark circles and dark marks). Natural vitamin E is also a very powerful natural preservative to the skin, meaning it is the most effective natural supplement to preserve your skins elasticity(collagen) from being damaged by the oxygen molecule. Over time the oxygen molecule will oxidize(destroy) your skins elasticity or collagen. 100% Pure Natural vitamin E helps prevent the oxidation of collagen thus preventing and repairing damage to the elasticity of your skin. Natural Vitamin E is widely known and used to prevent and repair wrinkles and bags while fading dark circles and discolored skin. Natural Vitamin E is also used to fade scar tissue and stretch marks. 100% NATURAL PRODUCT!